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Magibeauty Facial Spa (3 Pack)
Magibeauty Facial Spa (3 Pack)

Magibeauty Facial Spa (3 Pack)

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Made with soft towel clothing to provide a comfortable makeup/spa experience.The Flawless Facial spa headband is the tool you need when you are applying facial masks (to avoid having to clean your hair ),washing your face  or just doing makeup in a clean fashion way !

  • Water  & liquid protection: Avoid the water or cream dirt going into your hair.
  • Non Slip headband : Excellent side seam with a Velcro design to provide a steady and non slippy experience.
  • High Quality material :Made of soft towel cloth,comfortable to skin
  • Multi usage  : Can be used in various ways,makeup,washing your face,spa and even sport.


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